Adrift / Luis Felipe Rojas

Photo by: Luis Felipe Rojas

52-year-old Irma Caceres, who has worked for decades in a storage business located in the municipality of San German (Holguin province) has been denied of her right to retire due to illness.

According to the medical documents she submitted, Irma suffers from arterial hypertension, obesity, two hernias, chronic sciatica, degenerative osteoarthritis, and circulatory deficiency.

“Even then”, Irma tells me, “the medical group which examined me last month refused to give me medical leave due to illness, alleging that even with those ailments I still did not fulfill the necessary requirements”.

Mrs. Caceres explained to me that the only solution that the “specialists” offered her was that the head of the business should relocate her to another job.  The victim claims that she has ousted all resources and tried all methods to prove that her health will not allow her to even work in another place, but she has grown tired because no one is tending to her case.

The 26 years which Irma Caceres has served in that business have served her for nothing because with all the ailments she is suffering from, it has become evident that she will become one of the many workers who make up the list of the “unemployed”.

What has happened, she tells me, “is the new practice of the State applied in order to do away with us without having to pay us retirement.  It leaves us floating adrift, for there is nowhere to look”.

Selling peanuts

Translated by: Raul G.

17 December 2011