Activist Lilvio Fernandez Luis Released from Custody / From Cubanet

Lilvio Fernandez Luis

The activist Lilvio Fernández Luis was released this afternoon, according to what well-informed sources in Havana told this newspaper.

He had remained in custody since yesterday, without there being an arrest warrant.

The police came to his home with a search order. They seized various electronic equipment (laptops, cameras and USB flash drivers). They imposed a 2,000 Cuban peso (~$85 US) fine on Lilvio, coordinator of the Juventud Activa Cuba Unida (Active Cuban Youth United), for “illegal possession of equipment,” according to what we could learn.

The other activists at the young people’s meeting, who had also been detained, were also released. The activists are reorganizing to carry out the event.

From Cubanet

23 October 2013