A Well-Deserved Award / Rebeca Monzo

The evening was cool. Since the early hours we were preparing for what would happen that afternoon. We were to pick up the poet and Regina in order to go together to the Dutch ambassador’s residence, where there would be a reception to present the Prince Claus award officially to Yoani Sánchez.

Upon arriving at the appointed place, we were able to observe that there was already a large group of bloggers on the corner of the residence, waiting for the hour stated on the invitation. A mysterious white pickup truck with darkened windows was parked right in front of the place. On the other corner, a cyclist on his motorcycle, with his helmet on and not moving, seemed to have turned into a sculpture. There was also a couple who pretended to be checking an address. None of them were moving.

Among the last to arrive were Coco Fariñas, Father José Conrado and Dagoberto Valdés. After exchanging greetings, the whole group of us headed for the site of the event. Fortunately no one bothered us. But, since we knew what it was all about, before we went in we directed a big smile towards the parked white pickup, as well as the couple that was not moving from its place and the motorcyclist.

The ceremony was truly moving. We were all there to support and accompany Yoani. She, with the wise and simple words that are her hallmark, gave thanks for the well-deserved award. With great applause, the award ceremony was closed. Then a varied and delicious buffet was served. We had a truly charming evening.

Translated by: Espirituana

January 8 2011