A Painter’s Christmas in Taguayabon / Mario Lleonart

Last Sunday the 16th in our church in Taguayabon we celebrated a Christmas concert that we dedicated to the whole town.  From the doorway of our temple the musical group “Alabanza DC” from “The Trinity” First Baptist Church of Santa Clara offered the most recent of its musical productions in relation to this special season that celebrates the birth of Jesus for all of humanity.  It was exciting to see the front of our church full of people who became partakers of the good news through the musical message as on the original occasion the chorus of angels did for the humble shepherds.

Today Tuesday the 25th, Christmas Day, we again dress in our best.  This time in order to, with our own resources, present the classic Christmas drama “A Painter’s Christmas,” written by our beloved brother Luis Bernal Lumpuy, a Cuban exiled in the United States.  It is now the second consecutive year that we present a work of his.  Last year it was “A Musician’s Christmas” about which we all still have such good memories.  Between the choruses and creative movements a group of amateur actors will give their best to present the beautiful story of a father who returns home for Christmas.  I hope also that on this Christmas so many needed miracles will be performed and so many wrongs will be righted.


Translated by mlk

December 25 2012