A Life With Dignity / Cuban Law Association, Odalina Guerrero Lara

By Odalina Guerrero Lara

The Constitution of the Republic of Cuba establishes:

Article 41: All citizens enjoy equal rights and are subject to equal duties.

Dignity is a inherent value of rational human beings, providing liberty and creative power, so people can shape and improve their lives through making decisions and exercising their liberty.  Human beings posess dignity from within themselves, it doesn’t come from external factors or individuals, they have it from the instant of their fertilization or conception and it is inalienable.

I am an ordinary Cuban; daily life, the coming and going of things and the situation of my country hits me; but for my family life becomes very difficult when they discriminate for reasons of conscience against people like me, who belong to an organization such as the Cuban Law Association, or for their political opinion.

Today Cuba is going through a process of change, and in changing the mentality of human beings, I hope it achieves fulfillment of what is stated in this article of the Fundamental Law and at least doesn’t impede me in enjoying the rights and responsibilities that are by law given to Cuban citizens, considering that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, invokes in its Preamble the intrinsic dignity (…) of all the members of the human family, to later affirm that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

28 July 2013