A Four by Eleven / Rebeca Monzo

Some months ago, innumerable messages were arriving in my email, and I imagine in yours too, about the mystic cabala of 11-11-11.

Finally the day arrived and on my planet, where extraordinary things never happen, and where material deficiencies and repression happen on a daily basis, yesterday, November 11th, in the afternoon hours, a large group of friends and acquaintances met in the apartment, very small, of the Sanchez Escobar couple.

As is custom, with open doors and an exquisite aroma of incense, we were received by Yoani and Reinaldo, our hosts. The ones who were most on-time to the event were occupying the seats, the rest, were arriving in a constant trickle during the evening, until they were occupying the last inch of the building.

The primary objective of the gathering was to introduce Issue eleven of the magazine Voces: 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.

The title page of the digital magazine was dedicated to Laura Pollán, as are some of the articles and poems contained in the publication. It was extremely moving, since among those present you could find the daughter of Laura and some of the Ladies in White.

My eyes teared up and my mind was taken very far away, to Chile, where a part of those whom I love are and I couldn’t help but remember that other Laura, whom I affectionately loved, and who also suffered as a martyr, who started when the darkness of eleven, of a bloody September, extended over the skies of her homeland. She also died without succeeding in seeing her dream of liberty crystalize.

My respects, my affections, to both courageous women. May God have them in Glory!

Translated by: BW

November 12 2011