A Bad Example / Fernando Dámaso


When a political personality, in the exercise of power, is fired from or retires from his job, to refer to his opponents or whoever does not share his ideas or opinions, to use insults, disrespect, derogatory adjectives, taunts, insults, rudeness or even personal character attacks, shows, as well as bad manners and lack of ethics, mediocrity, pettiness and meanness.

At times I ask myself: How is it possible that characters with these attributes will be respected and followed by anyone? Unfortunately, this has happen and continues to happen. Our country has been generous to them throughout our history, but in the Republican era those offended could defend themselves, and currently that possibility is forbidden, unless they do it in a way considered illegal, since the offender is shielded by the impunity power gives, which makes it even more despicable.

This evil, with its systematic practice in defense of the fatherland, the Revolution and socialism, has taken room in the minds of many citizens, who consider it worthy, honorable and patriotic, complicating still more the already difficult peaceful coexistence among people with different idea and, what’s more, blocking the path to the essential tolerance for the good of a Nation with all and for all.

They forget that the only real unity is that based on diversity. Just as a sheep that decides to leave the herd and bleat on its own, without an order from or the authority of the pastor, will turn the rest against itself and they may even demand she be sacrificed.

So it is with Cuban who, in one way or another, publicly express opinions different from those of the officials: they are isolated, watched, discredited, blocked from entering public places, not allowed to participate in debates and even, as a few days ago, not allowed to attend Papal Masses, when they are arrested and jailed for hours or days, according to the convenience of the authorities.

This reality, which as far as the national media is concerned does not exist, nor for some illustrious visitors, is the every day bread of many worthy and honest citizens, whose only crime is to think with their own heads. The Internet has become, for these totalitarian gladiators, the preferred field of battle to employ their dirty weapons, following to the letter the example of their icons: the use of falsehoods and insults without measure. Each tries to outdo the other, accumulating merits for some material or moral stimulus. In any event, the truth always prevails over the lie, and it will be known sooner rather than later: today it is impossible to hide it. Perhaps there lies so much overflowing anger!

April 8 2012