9th Anniversary of the Eastern Democratic Alliance (ADO) / Luis Felipe Rojas

Foto del 8vo aniversarioArchivos-ADO
Photo of the 8th Anniversary — ADO Archives

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the creation of the Eastern Democratic Alliance. It was in the village of Antilla, overlooking the bay of the same name, where the Virgin of Charity of Cobre once appeared. Pardinas, Consuegra, Garcís, I am relating only names of people who had the beautiful idea of uniting, in one body, the efforts of pro-democratic forces in eastern Cuba.

It has been almost a decade of setbacks and fortune, but none greater than knowing we stuck with the common people. When in any corner of these places people look “to the human rights people” to file a complaint that the government doesn’t manage to solve, to ask for advice or material help, hence the effort of the Alliance has been worth it. It is the day to remember that woman have played an important role on this stretch of the road, Marta Diaz Rondon, Caridad Caballero Batista, Idalmis Nunez in Santiago de Cuba and women in Guantanamo, Las Tunas and Bayamo that drive every minute of the struggle.

Scattered throughout the world, many Alliance members … still considering it as theirs and support in the effort to bring it down, to them, too, Congratulations!

Congratulations to those who are now standing up under police persecution, arrests, beatings and the dungeon door every day while dreaming of freedom. Congratulations on keeping alive that bit of hope. Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina takes the reins today from Baracoa, that piece of Cuba that seems to emerge from the caiman, but that pushes hard toward the awaited day. Thanks to everyone and congratulations.

Celebracion de AniversarioArchivos-ADOAnniversary Celebration — ADO Archives

Eliecer Consuegra Rivas (Ex-Presidente de la ADO) en sesion de trabajo, 2008Eliecer Consuegra Rivas (Ex-President of the ADO) in work session, 2008

Activistas de la ADO en un recorrido y actividades de Trabajo por Bayamo, 2008ADO activists on a tour and Work Activities by Bayamo, 2008

Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, al frente de la Junta de Coordinadores de la ADO, en sesión publica en Las Tunas, 2 de Febrero de 2010Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, head of the Coordinating Board of the ADO
in open session in Las Tunas, February 2, 2010
Marcha de activistas de la ADO por Camaguey, exigiendo la liberacion de Orlando Zapata el 3 de febrero de 2010, cuando el valerozo opositor agonizaba en un hospital de esa ciudad

ADO Activists march in Camaguey, demanding the release of Orlando Zapata
on February 3, 2010, when the brave opponent lay dying in a hospital in that city.

February 16 2013