159th Birthday / Rafael León Rodríguez

The First Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba passed, with neither pain nor glory for most Cuban citizens. As I had warned President Raul Castro, only matters of interest to the membership were addressed, scorning an interesting opportunity for those who truly would try turning the country into the right direction: that of freedom, pluralism and democratization of society.

The visit of President of Brazil passed in the same way. Only of interest to the class in power, oligarchs of the new type. Business, agreements and advice on these. Nothing of social issues; of civil rights, of human rights. No recommendations or comments on this: only business. It seems like the militants of the left undergo a metamorphosis when they enter the government. So much facing to the right, in the end, to act in their own image and likeness. On this we already have the experience of more than fifty years of suffering the former local guerrillas in power.

And Marti as a pretext. Marti, the most universal of all Cubans, as an alibi. Nothing to do with the foundation of one party to conduct the necessary war for the independence of Cuba, ending the nineteenth century, with the continued imposition of one party to lead the Cuban dynastic dictatorship now in the twenty-first century. And the sculpture of Marti sculpture in the Civic Plaza received once again, the wreath of a visitor, this time from the president of Brazil. It seems no coincidence that the bust of the Apostle of Cuba is looking down.

4 February 2012