Is Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Being Arrested Right Now? / Yoani Sanchez

Something is happening with OLPL, he has called me but all I hear are screams, I think he is being arrested.

OLPL was able to dial my number before they arrested him, now I can hear the sounds of a car, screams and warnings.

A man screams at OLPL. He still doesn’t know that in his [OLPL’s] pocket his cellphone is “open” and the sound of everything is coming to me.

I have this huge sense of “impotence” listening to the line as OLPL is arrested but I don’t know where he is, where they are taking him.


At least this time this gadget with keys and a screen has served to alert [us about] what is happening, but sadly it is not ENOUGH.


They’ve cut OLPL’s line; just before I heard screams but distorted by movement and distance. I have recorded a little…