Another December 10th / Rafael Leon Rodriguez #Cuba

Derechos Humanos
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Yesterday we commemorated the 64th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of Human Rights by the United Nations of that time, in the creation of which there was an outstanding Cuban representation.

The authoritarian authorities of our country, who already for more than half a century have appropriated and pretend that it really belongs to them, have set aside, according to their own interests, the importance of this date, accepting now a discreet approach from the media and organizations controlled by the regime at the celebration of the event.

On the other hand, they have undertaken coercive and punitive measures they think are necessary to prevent an independent civil society, the political and peaceful opposition and whoever opposes them from publicly demonstrating that day, because they know like the violators they are,that civil society not only will celebrate the date, but will demand the recognition and implementation of these violated rights of the Cuban people.

Arbitrary arrests, demonstrations of rapid response paramilitary groups, public parks occupied by government activists, the phones of people related to the opposition have been cut off, police visits to the homes of opponents with the intention of intimidating them, are some of the measures implemented by the repressive police organizations to discourage and prevent these citizen actions.

Meanwhile, the working committees of the National Assembly is meeting on the eve of the great and last annual day of this 2012. The attempts to create an economy the works, that is sustainable, while at the same time ensuring the dynastic succession and perks seems nothing more than to progress towards discouragement, corruption and vested interests of the government bureaucracy. In addition they remain silent on changes that need to be made in the field of human rights that are based on the ratification and implementation of the Covenants on Civil and Political rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the United Nations.

The need to realize real social and political changes is more than obvious if we really aspire to retain a sovereign independent Nation in the near future for all Cubans. This necessarily should include firm respect for diversity and plurality of the citizenry, and from it, project the imperative and urgent National Rule of Law, endorsed by a new and plural Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

Human rights belong to everyone and each one is like an indivisible beam and only with this can the Cuban nation be reborn in the true virtue and the necessary hope for the future of the country of all.

December 17 2012