The Long Arm of Zorro

Foreign and domestic news pours forth in Cuba with extensive coverage of the international and national press; academic, intellectual, social, and cultural events, contests, speeches and appearances: all manipulated, at the convenience of the powers-that-be with a huge media coverage.

Almost simultaneously the authorities unleash a wave of repression that stirs concern and solidarity. So new information arises that will take prominence and displace other no less important news. Wilman Villar died without having been morally vindicated by those who caused his death and later, as an aggravation, they reviled him.

Hmmm! It is a strategy repeated endlessly with one arm so long that it extends beyond our borders. Some might think that luck accompanies the Cuban totalitarian government and safeguards the aftermath of world opinion, but I think that traditionally and historically they have pulled the strings of the Creole political puppet and will continue to do so, with the reins firmly attached behind the scenes and from time to time the scriptwriter-in-chief comes to light. I watch and comment, because it is my duty and right to freely express my opinion.

February 12 2012