The Inertia of the Soul / Mario Lleonart

One of the phenomena I gained insight into on my trip to Poland (June 2-15) is that my spirit and my body do not travel in unison. When I arrived at the Amsterdam airport the morning of Sunday the 2nd, my spirit was still wandering through the Havana streets that my body had left the evening before, and through the Cuban countryside, sites that I have never abandoned in my thirty-eight years of earthly existence.

This inertia of the soul I experienced practically the entire first week of my stay in Poland and I had to make a great effort so that my spirit would arrive before the end of my physical journey of just two weeks. And indeed, I was able to go about in body and soul in Poland for at least the second intense week of my trip.

Only now I have a big problem, I am already present in Cuba in body but my spirit has not yet returned: I sometimes perceive it wandering around by the Warsaw Metro, other times in the port of Gdansk, for some moments I can feel it among the cheerful people in the huge square opposite the Cathedral of Krakow, and also, quite frequently, in some corner inside the barbed wire of Auschwitz.

Can anyone help me find my spirit, lost in the heart of Europe?

22 June 2013