The Havana Regime, With a Seat on the UN Human Rights Council, Shows its Make-up Again / Angel Santiesteban

In new demonstration of the impunity with which the Cuban Regime does and does not practice justice, using it solely as an instrument of punishment against the dissidence, proving clearly that in Cuba justice is NOT independent and is simply an armed arm within the monstrous repressive apparatus of the dynastic dictatorship, now in the hands of the younger son Raul, they have sanctioned Ameila Rodriguea Cala — attorney for Angel Santiesteban, Gorki Aguila, Sonia Garro and the Ladies in White among many other opponents persecuted and imprisoned for political reasons — to six months of not being allowed to practice her profession.

We understand that with the infamous accolade that have members of CELAC, Mr. Inzulsa and Mr. Ban Ki Moon have given to the dictator Castro, and thus, to the dictator Maduro as well, repression and violation of human rights in Cuba has steadily increased since January because it has been supported and rewarded, not to mention the way the government of Venezuela, led from Havana, has unleashed the most brutal violence and repression against young students asking peacefully, among other demands, for security.

Everything that happens in Cuba and Venezuela is the responsibility of the concert of nations and leaders who reward a military dictatorship with a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council, and who open a “frank” dialog caring for nothing but business relations at the cost of freedom for Cubans.

From here, we hold Raul Castro responsible for the physical integrity of Angel Santiesteban, for all the prisoners and those politically persecuted by the regime, and ask for a small show of decency and that he fulfill his promises to “reform” his government for the better.

Free Justice from the political power and comply with the laws and the Constitution.

Respect the rights of Angel Santiesteban and “allow” Justice to carry out Justice. In the long-term the most harmed will be the government, if it continues to violate rights and repress the people.

As you already know, we in the free world are watching if there is the slightest dignity and if you fulfill your responsibilities and as a first proof of “goodwill” SIGN NOW the UN Covenants.

The Editor

Attorney for the Opposition Can’t Practice / by Lilianne Ruiz

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21 February 2014