The Afrocuban, Past and Present in Cuba / Luis Felipe Rojas

The 12th edition of the magazine Blogger Cubano is already on the street. It is a special edition of more than 80 pages dedicated to the Afrocuban topic — with particular emphasis on the current institutional racsim in Cuba — and a color photo gallery, full size unfolded, from Luis Felipe Rojas and Orlando Luis Pardo. The issue contains texts by Juan F. Benemelis, Miguel Cabrera Peña, Leonardo Calvo Cárdenas, Manuel Cuesta Morúa, Darsi Ferret, Ángel Escobar, Juan Antonio Madrazo, Luis Felipe Rojas, Ángel Velázquez Callejas, Roberto Zurbano and Armando Añel.

“May 2013 marked the 101st anniversary of the assassination of the leadership of the Independents of Color Party, an event that decisively conditioned the process of racial integration, doomed in Cuba after its independence from Spain,” the editor write in the introduction to the issue. “Simultaneously, and still hanging in the air, is the latest event of institutional racism on the island, which occurred in the spring of this year, 2013: the dismissal of Roberto Zurbano (whose case is directly addressed in the section The Controversy), former director of the Editorial Fund of the House of the Americas, after publishing an article in the New York Times critical of the reality of Cubans of African descent. In this context, and given the importance for the future of Cuba, Blogger Cubano has taken on this topic in this special issue. “

19 August 2013