“Table“ Without a Tablecloth

The relentless attack, the deep antagonism (philosophical?) and the extreme criticism–constant and unrelenting–of capitalist countries, marks the “Roundtable” program Cuban television broadcasts every day for an hour and half starting at 6:30 PM on Channel 6 or Cubavisión.

It’s worth mentioning that in Cuba we have only five TV channels and that the super-politicized program–overseen and directed by the senior management of the government and only party defending only the interests and points of view of the Cuban State–is broadcast simultaneously on three of them; rebroadcast later the same day, and then shown again as highlights of the week on Sundays. Thus, they continue simplifying and manipulating our options and leaving us with the caustic, reductionist and frustrating taste of “take it or take it,” that Cuban society is subjected to and that characterizes our national life. Paraphrasing the old adage that “it never rains but it pours,” in my country, Monday through Friday, we do not want the Roundtable and we have to see if on three channels.

May 18 2011