Somos+ in Matanzas / Somos+

With Alexei Gamez as a provincial coordinator, leading the meeting and the presence of several members, we held the monthly reunion of the movement Somos+ in Matanzas province. The topics covered included: the introduction of new members, the analysis of current issues in the province, the need of personal self-improvement and the establishment of the provincial structure. The meeting was also attended by Osvaldo Sanabria Caso, a neighbor who as an observer could witness the sincerity and freedom that characterized the way the people present reflected their own realities and those of many others. “I imagined a bunch of people full of hatred and resentment towards the leaders of this country, but I was completely wrong. Very brave young people and committed to Cuba above all, that is what you can find in Somos+” he said after the meeting ended.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the election of Franky Rojas Torres as the person in charge of Media and Press for the province, also the appointment of Duniesky Santos Jomolca as the one in charge of the improvement of the members and Liset Sanabria Arias as responsible for the finances of the provincial headquarters.

According to the coordinator: “it was an excellent time to be repeated soon” since it was established that on a monthly basis these meetings will take place in order to organize and analyze the performance of tasks which always have one single purpose, to show everyone that Somos+ (We Are More), young people committed to work, are Cubans who have decided to stop running away and with courage face our unique and biggest goal, a Cuba for all Cubans.

Translated by: Y. Rodriguez