Somos+ Calls a Protest Against the Complicity of #PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) with the Havana Regime / Somos+

Press release: SOMOS+ Movement, 8 June 2021

A wave of indignation is sweeping through Cuban communities around the world today. Thanks to the cooperation of Prisoners Defenders and the BBC, we have learned of the complicity in Brussels of several Euro-MPs with the dictatorship that enslaves our people.

The leaked messages reveal that representatives of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (currently governing Spain) “warned” the Cuban embassy in that country in advance to try to “stop” a resolution that other Euro-Deputies were attempting to promote to condemn repression on the Island.

It is devastating to even think that public servants who receive salaries from the European taxpayer are using their influence to cooperate in maintaining the longest-lived and most destructive dictatorship in the American hemisphere. The very founding values of the EU expound the democratic calling and the commitment of all member states to promote Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in the world.

The history of Europe should leave no doubt about the destructive capacity of these regimes, both materially and morally. That is why we feel the duty to protest publicly and energetically against this baseness of the PSOE, the High Representative Josep Borrell, and [Prime Minister] Pedro Sánchez himself, who is most responsible for this lack of principles.

The efforts, risks, and punishments that so many Cubans suffer daily for demanding freedoms and rights will be of no use if the highest institutions created in the world to ensure those rights turn their backs on us and give preference to economic interests that keep criminals, dictators, and drug traffickers in power.

That is why we are calling on every Cuban, Spaniard, European, and others who want Freedom for Cuba, to join us this June 10th in Miami, Madrid, and in many other cities to demand the end of the complicity, impunity, and shamelessness of the European Union with the Dictatorship.

We wait for you and thank you in advance.

Ing. Eliecer Avila, Pte. Somos+

Announcement released by Eliecer Avila on Tuesday, June 7, 2021

Translated by Tomás A.