Prison Diary XXIV. Cuba and Its Politics of Minions / Angel Santiesteban

Once again, the Cuban regime supports — far from international view — the dictatorship ruling Syria. We are always on the same embarrassing team: Russia, with the dictatorship of Putin; China, more of the same but with  different style; Bolivia, where its president just manipulated the Constitution to guarantee himself a place in the upcoming election for a third term; Nicaragua, few presidents have such effrontery; and why continue, their names speak for themselves: Ecuador, Venezuela, Iran, and as if that wasn’t enough, North Korea.

And the news, in the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba on May 16 the headline encapsulates with apparent what is nothing more than a disgrace: “A dozen countries oppose UN resolution on Syria.” That is, the news is not that 107 countries approved it, or even that 59 abstained, including Brazil, one of our allies.

As much as we should be accustomed to this arbitrary politics of benefit to party members, in the style of highway robbers, and of course, its obsession with confronting the United States, simply leaves us outraged.

In the face of this arbitrariness typical of the Castros, I can’t stop being ashamed; the only thing that saves me is my opposition to the government and it’s national and international politics.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats
Prison 1580, May 2013

5 June 2013