Friends That Remain / Luis Felipe Rojas

I met Jose A. Triguero Mulet during a heated political debate. The nearly 70-year-old Mulet is a freedom-loving man. I’m writing this after he gave me an article he wrote about the humiliations he has lived through just for daring to scream the truth at the militants which rule my country. It was from those … Continue reading “Friends That Remain / Luis Felipe Rojas”

Another Punishment… Another Report I Wish I Didn’t Have to Write / Luis Felipe Rojas

Jose Antonio Triguero Mulet’s house, and my house, have both been watched since Thursday, the 28th of October, despite the fact that they are on the outskirts of town, as I previously reported on Twitter. But it wasn’t until Sunday, the 31st, that the political police once again found their way onto my porch. They … Continue reading “Another Punishment… Another Report I Wish I Didn’t Have to Write / Luis Felipe Rojas”

Custom Filters / Laritza Diversent

Cubans who opine publicly regarding the Government, are condemned to suffer confiscation. The Customs Office for Post and Shipments (APE), an entity which is part of the General Customs Office of the Republic (AGR), has a filter for seizure for shipments abroad, applicable to dissidents. Within the last 2 months, this agency has confiscated 2 … Continue reading “Custom Filters / Laritza Diversent”

Open Letter to a Confused Supporter / Miriam Celaya

Mr. Josep Calvet: I have hesitated for some weeks to respond to comments that you have occasionally poured into our little forum, but recent events that will mark the fate of my country in a not-so-distant future, force me not only to answer, but also to do so publicly. My intention is, of course, to … Continue reading “Open Letter to a Confused Supporter / Miriam Celaya”

Che Yes, Barbie No

An apparently simple act, like decorating student dormitories with Barbie dolls and advertisements for capitalist consumer goods, has unleashed a mini-storm with the authorities on the island. Agustin Alfonso, age 20, a junior (3rd year) law student at the University of Havana, is the typical model of ideologist ambiguity who lives on the island at … Continue reading “Che Yes, Barbie No”