Onomatopoeia of Tears

From "elmundo.es"

It seems that the Honey of Power is addictive and that many civilians and military consume and permanently succumb to this sweetness. Like a psychotropic leadership it collects bosses, subordinates and entire peoples. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t in the same spectrum of colors, yellow and red hallucinogenics mix just the same in Asia and America like a dusk in modernity. We already suspect what will happen in North Korea when Kim Jong-Il is no more, the former “daddy’s boy”; it’s normal now that another “brilliant” descendent will take the reins of that country. After all, it doesn’t matter to real power if a toddler is recognized, stealing the cameras, the microphones and all the attention, they always allow them to enjoy absolute domination and impunity.

I imagine the austere North Korean soldiers pompously breaking the news to them of the death of the “Supreme Leader” and the brave soldiers tearing up at the loss. I suppose those who worked most closely with the “Great Leader” of the Workers Party of Korean forged a halo of genius over the offspring of the Korean “Dear Leader” as a prelude to the announced succession.

The Cuban television cameras showed us the village women and men in the streets crying over the death of the”Beloved Guide.” Perhaps because of this in this Oriental country, psychoanalysts and politicians, noting the identification of people kidnapped with their kidnappers, coined the term “North Korean Syndrome” to refer to the collective psychological reaction on the death of a dictator.

Although with logical cultural differences, perhaps the descendants of the Cuban “Juche” will look closely at these events through the prism of their genetic relationship with the highest office in the country for which their parents fought and which allowed them to enter, as in Korea, the “progressive” caste of the “enlightened” owners of power in Cuba. Hopefully I’m mistaken.

December 27 2011