Mystical Poland / Mario Lleonart

To be in Poland on June 4, just when they were celebrating the 24th anniversary of those first partially-free elections, an immediate result of the roundtable returning life to this historic land, was not by chance for me. Nor was the visit to the concentration camps at Auschwitz on June 14, just as the opening day of the site was remembered with horror.

Practically speaking, June 4 opened my visit to this Central European country, and June 14 closed it. When I weigh every minute of what I hope has been my first, but not my last, visit to Poland, I can only conclude that, above all, it was a mystical experience for which God had prepared the way for me.

Now I seem to be awakening from the lethargy I was left with after such a short but intense trip, perhaps prompted by the invitation from our friend Yoani Sanchez this last Friday, the 28th, at 7:00 pm, to debate “Travel and Return,” I will offer in my blog small reflections of the imprints of my journey.

1 July 2013