More Jail Time for Shouting and Handing out Leaflets than Castro got for Assaulting an Army Barracks / Angel Santiesteban

Prisoner of conscience in punishment cell

Piloto Barceló is in the punishment cell for demanding his rights. He has served more than half of his sentence, so he should be receiving the benefit of “minimum security”; but the authorities are like always, and their ears are especially deaf to opponents of the regime.

Piloto finds himself sentenced to six years in jail for protesting in the Plaza of the Revolution against the atrocities of the Cuban regime. According to his indictment  “for threatening the figures of the leaders of the Revolution,” that is, right now, Pilot has served the same amount of time that Fidel Castro served for assaulting the barracks of the constitutional army, to which must be added the lives of the fallen soldiers. Clearly, Piloto will be imprisoned longer for shouting and handing out leaflets, than was Castro for assaulting a barracks with their firearms.

Whoever utters a word against the dictator, is punished as if he assasinated him. However, Piloto, from his cell, continues to struggle against the regime, and warns them that the time will come when he will be testifying before a jury about their abuse.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats. Prison 1580, July 2013

15 July 2013