Internet, The Imperialist Enemy


The Cuban government and its supporters abuse the ballad — they already made traditional — of the Cyberwar against Cuba. They don’t speak about their own, that floods our media with propaganda, offends those who disagree with their political model, violates many of our rights — among others the right to have Internet access from our homes — and speculates with excessive prices for Internet connectivity offered in the hotels.

If there is something they should recognize in the authorities is their capacity to improvise arguments and pretexts according to their convenience. It doesn’t matter if they’re very convincing or not. Before the fiber optic cable came from Venezuela, in February 2011, the argument was that the United States, with its blockade, prevented the Cuban State — relying on satellite connections — from having the capacity necessary to allow its own citizens to access the mega-web. However, foreigners have had the right for years.

Now, thanks the Venezuelan cable expanding the Cuban bandwidth by 3,000 times, it is still the United States with its blockade that is guilty, “because they are the owners of the Internet and have focused a media war against our country.” You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t! In other words, a raft of excuses for why Cubans can’t surf.

We Cubans on the island already have a wide experience over half a century of audacity against our fundamental freedoms, and for those of us who have computers in Cuba, they kill our chances of being able to independently surf in this sea of knowledge, culture, economic, communication, and globalized information that is cyberspace. We assumed that with the arrival of the fiber optic cable we should be enjoying this right, but the “government sharks” ate this cable — all by themselves.

March 28 2012