How Can We Help? / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

How can we help?  Was one question asked of the blogger Yoani Sánchez in Miami. Where people like the Cuban-American Felice Gorordo and his friend the Frenchman Philippe Houdard were present at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts. When the same question was also asked: How can we help?

The two friends agreed to send materials to Cuba and to establish a new collection point at Pipeline, a work area in Brickell Avenue owned by Houdard and used primarily by employers in the digital age.

Sanchez had given a response several times, how people could help. Sending to Cuba laptops, USB flash drives, cell phones that work on the island, tablets and iPads, CDs and DVDs. Everything that can serve to improve communication and information for Cubans.

But who is responsible for this task? The arrival of this help for everyone is very important for the Cuban opposition.

It is also true that the Cuban opposition on the island is made up of people who want real change and the implementation of human rights. But there are also opportunistic individuals who are pursuing the material for personal gain, thus creating obstacles to the people who need the technology or help to develop their work.

I would be inclined to focus on two people who have shown me that all this help reaches the right hands. Yoani Sanchez and Reinaldo Escobar are the ones!

13 May 2013