Enjoying May 1st in the Dominican Republic / Juan Juan Almeida

While thousands of Cubans are “voluntarily” required to participate in the pantomime of May 1st, Mariela Castro, the sexologist and director of the Cuban Sex Education center, presented today in the Dominican Republic the book she authored, What Happens To Us in Puberty?

The truth is that today May 1st is the day of acting cool.  Who does not know that in puberty what we get is what I need: hair.

Mariela says, although I don’t believer her at all, that that work has had a very good reception in our country.  I asked until I was tired, no one was familiar with the book in question.  I think that she goes on as usual, strolling and doing the work of the first lady.  And so that we don’t fall short, the Dominican Minister of Culture, deputy Minou Tavarez Mirabal, and the respective ambassadors from Cuba and Venezuela attended the book’s presentation.  A very crowded launch.

Translated by mlk.
1 May 2014