Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Cuba / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

Raul and Obama (From the internet)

Anddy Sierra Alvarez, 24 August 2015 –The Obama administration apparently betrayed the deep grief of many Cubans who have suffered the “welcoming” hospitality of the Cuban government. Everything points to economic interests, but as of now US government officials may enter Cuba. What will happen?

Cuba opened the doors of its prison and in the future it will bring consequences. With the imminent Internet, there is no one that can stop it. Social networks have the power to inform about what is hidden.

It is also true that the Cuban government benefits from this reestablishment, its removal from the US List of Sponsors of Terrorism attests to this. But there is still a long way to go and Cuba asks for a lot in exchange for nothing.

The Obama administration has its strategy. The embargo, what has it achieved? Nothing. Its effect was on the people and not on the communist leadership. This embargo (blockade, according to the Cuban government) only enriched the communist propaganda: “Everything the people of Cuba are suffering is thanks to the existence of the blockade.” This discourse of the Castros, aren’t they obligated to change it? Difficult, no, because in order for the US embargo to see modifications, Americans need to see significant changes in the controversial issue in respect to human rights in Cuba. An endless topic.

American companies want to invest in Cuba

This is another benefit, but it will have its clashes. How will these companies handle the recruitment of Cuban personnel? By CUBALSE? (Cuba At the Service of the Foreigner). And the salaries; Will the American dollar devalue in the Port of Mariel in order to avoid the worsening of social classes on the island?

Every day the information circulates in Cuba with an immediate power, something that has not happened in the past. They do not believe that this can increase the discontent of the Cubans and begin to analyze all the events that occur which they see with their eyes closed.

The Castros Lose Strength

The Cuban Revolution loses strength, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) don’t work. And in the high places of government of the grand caiman differences exist. What do they tell me about the hot year 2018? What will Raul Castro do? Quite a dilemma, who will lead us? Perhaps, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, it is not known? Maybe Lazo?

In any event, Cuba’s future is very uncertain. Not even the Cuban government knows what to expect.

Translated by: Daniela Castaneda