Democratic and Electoral Impiety / Rosa Maria Rodriguez

It seems that the economic imperialism of so-called Latin American left is going to throw the ballots in favor of the election of Piedad Cordoba for the presidency of Colombia.

Telesur’s news-ticker already announced her candidacy for the nomination so we should be preparing for this new time of awakening of the peoples of the continent. Winning this election will guarantee Venezuela peace on its western flank, but above all, it will make possible the removal of the base that the Northern Giant has in this Latin American state and insure the entry of a new country in the area in to the strategic hemispheric alliance against the interventionism and hegemony of the United States.

Thus, it would affirm the “made in Cuba” demagogic discourse, and support the continuity “of the soldiers of perpetual socialism” — although Latin American is now more humane and multi-party — continuing to place kings in front of their respective people, whom they give free education so as to later try to avoid that they think or that they do only in the direction convenient for them.

With regards to health care which — as in the Cuban case — is also free, it is mediocre in a general sense in the attention and services and this is aggravated by the material scarcities of every kind and also of doctors, who are sent outside of Cuba by the state patronage masked by solidarity. To compound the South American problems in general, are already thinking even about creating a continental army to defend the interests — those of the caudillos, for example — of the countries in the region.

These forms of “divine” government with no alternation in power, cause its citizens  to indefinitely “choose” the same person or group for the top job, as has been done historically in Cuba, despite the ongoing red ink through multiple olive-green administrations through 54 years.

The government of my country, seems to be the evil brain — for parasitic dependency and disability — of the anti-United States design, and dedicates itself to bleeding other peoples by exporting this failed model, while waiting with open mouths for the barrels of oil and all possible assistance that feeds and sustains their costly and impoverishing stay at the forefront of the nation.

In the same way the presence of Ms. Córdoba mercifully facilitated the FARC’s release of hostages, it is possible that her winning the Colombian presidency, will disarm this or that other army to attribute the victory to the leftist struggle and justify in the first instance, her reelection.

I do not know if in Colombia — with its complex reality of narcotrafficking, armies, insurgents, drug cartels and other problems that surely I don’t know — it will be easy to impose a queen with a popular image; what truly saddens me is that this model that is presented to the rest of the world as humanistic is installed in countries in the region, a model that for over half a century has led Cubans to general poverty, divided families and society, violated fundamental rights, led to prison, to exile, to national bankruptcy.

28 May 2013