Cuba 360 / Rosa Maria Rodriguez

We’ve spent years in the opposition movement and have never stopped making our contribution, however modest, to the cause of the democratization of Cuba. It is a constant maintained by everyone involved in the fate of country, despite the many difficulties in which we develop our work.

We note how our work takes a long time to germinate because the constant police harassment policy, but still, we keep our seeds fertilized and watered for the good of the nation.

This time we wrote a program with a multidimensional architecture that seeks a respectful exchange and discussion between Cubans and the sustained and ultimate articulation with civil society in general through its project “Semillero” (Seed). With this project we plan to reach people with our constructive and legitimate message — as well as that of all the Cuban opposition — to show the different alternatives of hope and reconciliation that exist in Cuba and for her.

Our project offers, for Cuban society, an alternative to the simulation, indolence, emigration and irresponsible obedience, and as noted in the project, also the ambitious goal of “transforming each individual into an actor of his own personal and national destiny.”

Here is a link where you can read the tríptico promocional de «Cuba 360». [Only in Spanish at this time.]

1 May 2013