Cow Siezed and Peasant Fined / CID


In the town of Playita in Jamaica Beach area in the municipality of Antilla* in the province of Holguin, the peasant Israel Cardoso Gonzalez had two cows of which one has been confiscated by the delegate of the municipality, and in addition they have fined Cardoso 500 pesos.

Israel laments that his cow gave milk for the three minor children of the family. “They said the cow was a danger because it was near the street. That’s not true I had it tied up and there are other cows are running loose here.”

The Defender of the People of Cuba, Manuel Martínez León, who attended the denunciation of the humble peasant, explained that this is a remote area that is three miles from the road, where there are reeds that the government leaves uncared for, and a dirt road where cars don’t travel frequently.

The Defender prepares action for the cow to be returned to the family. Manuel said, “We can not allow this to happen here, we are going to do whatever we have to end this arbitrariness because they take advantage here of any nonexistent breach to steal from people what is theirs.

Report #10 of the Defender of the People of Cuba (CID) of Velasco, Holguin.

*Antilla is the smallest municipality in the province of Holguin, 40 square miles in size. It’s between the Bay of Nipe and the Bay of Banes, on the El Ramon peninsula.

3 August 2013