A Christmas Prayer Request / Mario Lleonart

Ulysses Jesus just days ago, December 9th, with my girl Rachel.

For some, Christmas is synonymous  only with feasts and gifts. But its origin was the incarnation of God who in the words of Philippians 2 “emptied himself to dwell among us, shoveling away our suffering, and grew to receive death as a ransom for all mankind.”

Therefore we can say that Christmas is meant more to be among those who suffer rather than just parties and gifts.  Right now in the Hospital of Santa Clara, a five-year-old boy named Ulises Jesus Vázquez Sánchez is hovering between life and death, a victim of meningitis. Hopefully, in the midst of our celebrations we can pause to raise our intercessions to God for healing this crying child.

His mom, Yamila Sanchez, with the child has the landline +5342270695.  Ulises Vázquez and his father are waiting on his cell phone +5353769762 and God is fully open to hear our cry and to answer.

Just days ago, on December 9 Ulysses Jesus was a perfectly happy child.  In the picture you can see him with my four-year-old girl Rachel having fun at a carnival of amusements which was placed right in front of our temple.  We pray to God that a scene like this can once again be a reality in his life.

God grant us the miracle of returning to us this other Jesus this Christmas!  Through Christ, Amen.

Translated by: Rich Braham

December 20 2012