Activists Are Preparing To Protest In Front Of The United Nations During Raul Castro’s Speech / Diario de Cuba

diariodecubalogoDDC, 27 September 2015 — Groups of Cuban activists will travel to New York on Saturday for a protest in front of the United Nations on Monday, when Raul Castro will deliver a speech to the General Assembly.

“The world welcomes a dictator of 57 years who has destroyed the Cuban nation, who has brutally divided it, who has encouraged the guerrillas, who has been involved in drug trafficking, terrorism (…) and who, on the other hand, does not want to hear the voice the people of Cuba,” criticized the exiled Ramon Saul Sanchez, who is leading the action in which Rosa María Payá, daughter of the deceased regime opponent Oswaldo Paya, will also participate, reported Channel NTN24 .

According to the report, the activists will denounce human rights violations in Cuba, the abuses of dissidents, and the division of the Cuban family, among other things.

“We will try to do something in the river (East River), behind the United Nations, and also on land. We propose – we do not know if we can do it because of the logistics, due to security – to deploy a floating cemetery (in memory) of the ten children who were murdered on the 13 de Marzo tugboat” incident in July 1994, Sanchez, leader of the Democracy Movement, told NTN24.

The first group of activists departed Saturday from Miami. According to the exile Felipe Rojas, another group will travel on Sunday to New York via bus, “to be present on Monday at 11:00 am at the United Nations.”

That day US President Barack Obama will also speak to the UN General Assembly.