Resolution 4 on Human Rights / Rafael León Rodríguez

Rafael León Rodríguez, 19 June 2018 — Presented by the Cuban Democratic Project (Prodecu) of Cuba.

The Council of the Christian Democratic Organization of America (ODCA), meeting in the city of Bogotá on June 14, 2018, with regards to the situation of Human Rights and freedoms in Cuba.


1.- The ODCA warns that, despite the recent change in the Presidency of Cuba formalized on April 19, 2018, the Government has remained without fundamental changes in the relevant issues of respect for Human Rights and the exercise of civil and political liberties in Cuba. On the contrary, there have been some more restrictive measures regarding the ability of dissidents to travel and actions to strengthen the official repression of opponents.

2.- The ODCA reiterates to the Government of Cuba its obligation to fulfill the international commitments in the matter of Human Rights, signed before the United Nations in February 2018, and make the necessary changes so that Cuba acts in accordance with International Law and reintegrate into the community of nations that recognize the dignity of the human person and the universal rights and freedoms that belong to all people at all times and places.

3.- The ODCA requests the Cuban Government lift the restrictions on leaving the country that unfairly affect, since the summer of 2017, the Vice President of ODCA and General Coordinator of the Cuban Democratic Project Rafael León. This right has already been exercised previously by Rafael León and other Cuban citizens who have participated abroad in conferences, seminars or political, technical, cultural, artistic, and various kinds of meetings. The application of new exit restrictions constitutes a setback to the rights of citizens already recognized by the Government.

4.- Finally, the ODCA calls for the immediate release of prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders and for the recognition of the right of all Cubans to dissent and exercise their universally recognized civil and political freedoms.