Direct Help to Bloggers

Many people want to do something to help the bloggers directly. The most important thing is to read them, talk about them, comment on their blogs, share their blogs with others, keep them IN THE PUBLIC EYE, which is a shield that helps to protect them.

If you want to help with a donation, one way to do that, from the comfort of your home, is to put money in their cell phone accounts.  This allows them to KEEP communicating, Twittering, making and accepting calls and text messages within Cuba and overseas.

Update: As of 14 January 2011, the White House has announced that any American may send remittances to a Cuban, even if they are not related to each other. The limit is $500 per quarter. If you are interested in helping the bloggers in this way, you can find their emails on their individual sites and contact them about where you might send a remittance.  Some of them have PayPal accounts.


Bloggers’ phone numbers are listed below; these will be updated if we get more numbers.

Click on image to connect to EZETop

UPDATE: 5-8 December 2011: EZETOP – has a two for one special for Cuban recharges — they will double your minutes, and it is reported to be fast and confidential. {Update, this double recharge promotion has ended but keep on eye on the EZETOP; they repeat the promotion frequently.}

Here are the directions for another site:

  1. Go to
  2. Where it says “Elija su operador” (choose your provider), choose
  3. Choose an amount you would like to add.
  4. Put in the phone number of the person whose phone you would like to recharge. Put in the whole number, but with no “+” sign and no spaces.
  5. Put in YOUR OWN EMAIL (for the confirmation).
  6. Check the “Acepto” box and then click on RECARGAR.
  7. Follow the instructions on the next screen to add your credit card number and wait for confirmation by email.

Cell Phone numbers for Bloggers and Ladies in White
“Translating Cuba Bloggers” are in red type

Name Mobile Phone Number
Alejandrina (Dama de blanco) +535  2737663
Berta (Dama de blanco) +535  2906820
Ciro Díaz +535  2662183
Claudia Cadelo  (Octavo Cerco)
+535  2666833
Coco Fariñas  (Hunger Strike)
+535  2415709
Dagoberto Valdés  (Intramuros)
+535  2636146
Elizardo Sánchez +535  8931171
Eugenio Leal (Veritas)
+535  2410542
Frank Paz +535  2955060
Gisela Delgado +535  2954883
Héctor Palacio +535  2973426
Iván García  (Ivan’s File Cabinet)
+535  2662182
Joaquin Cabezas +535  2404861
Jorge Luis Garcías (Antunez) (I will not shut up, I will not leave)
+535  2731656
José Alberto +535  3341878
Karina Galvez (Intramuros)
+535  2842636
Katia Sonia  (Kubasepia)
+535  2457830
Laritza Diversent  (Laritza’s Laws)
+535  2415948
Luis Felipe Rojas  (Crossing the Barbed Wire)
+535  2771487
Miguel Iturria  (Island Anchor)
+535  2497472
Miriam Celaya  (Sin Evasion)
+535  2938042
Orlando Luis Pardo  (Post Revolution Mondays)
+535  3340187
Reinaldo Escobar  (Desde Aqui/From Here)
+535  2896812
Regina Coyula (Bad Handwriting)
+535 323-6668
Rolando Lobaina +535  3399783
Silvio Benítez +535  2541300
Virgilio Toledo  (Intramuros)
+535  2654835
Wilfredo Vallín +535  3149664
Yoani Sánchez  (Generation Y)
+535  2708611