Ulloa and Mulet are Transfered to Valle Grande Prison / Luis Felipe Rojas

Reinier Mulet Levis

Havana, April 19. The regime opponents Miguel Alberto Ulloa Ginar, 23, and Reinier Mulet Levis, 26, detained since April 10 in Havana, were transferred to Valle Grande Prison.

Ulloa informed his wife, Tailadis Rosales Perez, that they transferred them Wednesday morning from the National Revolutionary Police’s investigation center, on Calle Acosta and 10 de Octubre Streets, to Valle Grande, in the municipality of La Lisa. This Thursday their families were able to visit them for half an hour and bring them personal hygiene items.

Both young men, members of the Republican Party of Cuba, swell the list of political prisoners.

Miguel Alberto Ulloa

18 April 2013