Slow But Firm Steps / Rosa Maria Rodriguez

1372187378_cuba360The Multilateral Program «Cuba 360»  was launched. We started two months ago distributing the promotional brochure on this initiative — and other writings as part of the “Seed” — in various social sectors and it has been enriched with a modest collection of books that some compatriots selflessly donated to the library.

Those involved are happy, but not satisfied, because there is much to be done and the ambition that went along with the development of this proposal is also present in its implementation, which so far is progressing according to our capabilities. However, we continue to see alternative ways to deploy this sociopolitical platform in its architecture and instructional efforts to the whole country.

The possible and close dream of the democratization of Cuba, lets us continuously leap over the pitfalls along the way and move forward in this magnificent and colossal challenge. Our steps, although still small, are sure and constant in the search for, creation and facilitation of a climate of trust and dialogues among Cubans that open the doors to reconciliation and lasting peace. The strength in this direction is the grain of sand in the ecumenical and solidarity rock of our nation.

25 June 2013