Prosperity and Personal Well-being: “Completely contrary to the principles of our society” / Yoani Sánchez

The response of the General Customs of the Republic to my complaint about the confiscation of ten copies of the book Cuba Libre is incredible. See with your own eyes their motivations for declaring these daily vignettes “dangerous.”

Translation of “facts” on second page of letter:

  1. Fact: I am the Inspector of Customs Control and of the Postal and Shipment Customs.
  2. Fact: It was the acting inspector who issued the Resolution of Forfeiture No. 409 of March 25, 2010, which provided for the administrative forfeiture of ten books entitled “Cuba Libre,” published by Marea, Yoani Sanchez author, and a blank publishing contract.
  3. Fact: The contents of the book “Cuba Libre” are against the general interests of the nation, since it argues that certain political and economic changes are required in Cuba so that its citizens may have more material benefits and achieve personal fulfillment, ends completely contrary to the principles of our society.
  4. Fact: The shipments constitute a unique and indivisible whole, a reason to also apply the sanction of confiscation to the publishing contract with “Marea” Publishers.
  5. Fact: The fundamental facts taken into account to apply the sanction of confiscation were not recorded.

November 25, 2010