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Sustained Harassment Incidents in Pinar del Rio, Cuba / IntraMuros

Antecedent. On December 15, 2009 the government intervened in the courtyard of the house where Karina Galvez held gatherings of the journal Coexistence and they built a wall, seizing the covered terrace, pantry and bathroom, which had been built inside the courtyard of her property. The wall remains and the case is in the Supreme … Continue reading “Sustained Harassment Incidents in Pinar del Rio, Cuba / IntraMuros”

Prizes in the 2nd Convivencia (Coexistence) Contest – 2011 / Intramuros

CONVIVENCIA (COEXISTENCE) LITERARY CONTEST II – 2011 JURY RESULTS Prize in the Photography category: The jury decides, unanimously, to award the prize in the genre of Photography to the series titled: Desconocido (Unknown), by the Cuban author, Alberto Borrego Sánchez, of San Cristóbal, Artemisa province. By judicious selection of settings, use of bold and contemporary … Continue reading “Prizes in the 2nd Convivencia (Coexistence) Contest – 2011 / Intramuros”

Official and Alternative Twitterers Launch a Truce / Iván García

Like two boxers who stare each other in the eye, before beginning their attack, came TwittHab, the first encounter between official and alternative ‘twitterers’. If the proposition was to fraternize and build bridges, this first exploratory round between virtual gladiators who’ve made blogs, Facebook and Twitter a tool for spreading their ideas, was below expectations. … Continue reading “Official and Alternative Twitterers Launch a Truce / Iván García”

The State That’s Afraid of Words / Angel Santiesteban

How weak is a State that sees danger in the words of a student? And using its power forcefully attacks and dictates the immediate expulsion of Henry Constantin from the Superior Art Institute (ISA) in Havana, brutally abusing his rights and using psychological torture. In recent days, in the middle of the night, and aware … Continue reading “The State That’s Afraid of Words / Angel Santiesteban”

Silence is Complicity / Angel Santiesteban

Sometimes I suspect that blogging in Cuba is like a scream from the depths of a cave that is lost in the void without finding any listeners. The echo comes back to me in an irascible silence, making me uncomfortable, thinking that outside the cave there are no inhabitants, we are alone. The scream simply … Continue reading “Silence is Complicity / Angel Santiesteban”

Minutes of the First Convivencia Contest 2010

First Convivencia Literary Contest 2010 Minutes of the Jury Prize in the Essay category: Utopia, Challenges and Difficulties in Today’s Cuba. By Dimas Castellanos Marti, of Bayamo, who lives in Havana Unanimously and in one of the most difficult discussions that taken by this jury, it emerged as the decision in the prize for a … Continue reading “Minutes of the First Convivencia Contest 2010”

United Nations Acknowledges Freedom of Speech Crisis in Cuba / Cubalex

Cubalex, 10 November 2019 — Cuba and Venezuela  were flagged up by the United Nations as the countries in the region with the worst indicators in regard to promotion and protection of freedom of speech. For years, both countries have been evidencing a crisis in freedom of speech, according to the UN special rapporteur. The … Continue reading “United Nations Acknowledges Freedom of Speech Crisis in Cuba / Cubalex”

Fidel Castro In Humor And Oblivion

14ymedio, Generation Y, Havana, 3 July 2017 — For decades Cubans were bombarded by official propaganda filled with materials about Fidel Castro’s supposed genius. In these vindications he was not only a father, but also a strategist, visionary, pedagogue, farmer and cattle rancher, among other lofty characteristics and pursuits. However, that prototype of patriarch, scientist … Continue reading “Fidel Castro In Humor And Oblivion”

Naming the Wounds / Wendy Guerra

Wendy Guerra, Havana, 9 January 2016 (from El Nuevo Herald) – It wasn’t hard to know the number of my friends who, during their childhoods, remained with their parents in special situations, parents who needed to hide who they were to survive in a country that, based on accusations, ceased to be one, but turned … Continue reading “Naming the Wounds / Wendy Guerra”