Wasting Electricity to Take Revenge on the Blackouts and the Cuban Regime

14ymedio, Natalia López Moya, Havana, 19 August 2022 — María de los Ángeles spent the hours after the electrical service returned to her Los Sitios neighborhood in Centro Habana with her balcony doors open and the air conditioner turned on. Like many Cubans, the 64-year-old refuses to save energy in the short time that she … Continue reading “Wasting Electricity to Take Revenge on the Blackouts and the Cuban Regime”

Cuba’s Most Pressing Problems / Eduardo Martinez

Primavera Digital, Eduardo Martínez Rodríguez El Cerro, Havana, 5 September 2017 — We list here the most pressing problems faced by average Cubans: 1-A greatly reduced ration book of subsidized foods. High prices in the markets. Very little on offer in the stores. Relatively cheap goods of horrendous quality. In an island surrounded by water … Continue reading “Cuba’s Most Pressing Problems / Eduardo Martinez”

“Paya Was An Example Of Dedication And Persistence” / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 22 July 2015 — Three years after the death of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero, 14ymedio has collected the opinions of some Cuban activists who knew the leader of the Christian Liberation Movement. They is people who shared with him projects and risks, who admired or were inspired by his civic labor. Let these seven testimonies serve … Continue reading ““Paya Was An Example Of Dedication And Persistence” / 14ymedio”

Roads to Democracy for Cuba / 14ymedio

14ymedio, 20 June 2015 — The second edition of the event Roads for a Democratic Cuba is taking place in Mexico from 18 to 23 June 2015 under the auspices of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA). Participating in this meeting are dozens of political activists and civil society leaders … Continue reading “Roads to Democracy for Cuba / 14ymedio”