Between the Gun and the Cassock / Miriam Celaya

A debate encounter sponsored by the Catholic digital publication Espacio Laical took place on Saturday, October 29th, 2011. The agency EFE, the leading Spanish news agency, reported the event in a very laudable manner, as published on October 30th on the digital site Cubaencuentro. The report states that “The new role that the Catholic Church … Continue reading “Between the Gun and the Cassock / Miriam Celaya”

Islands / Regina Coyula

In State of SATS, where art and thought come together, on Saturday they considered several independent artistic projects: Matraka, Talento Cubano, Puños en Alto, Omni-Zona Franca. Everyone spoke about their difficulties in bringing their projects in parallel with — or against — the Ministry of Culture. Censorship and self-censorship were words repeated over and over. … Continue reading “Islands / Regina Coyula”

State of SATisfaction / Reinaldo Escobar

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to participate as a spectator at the most recent edition of the Estado de SATS event where a group of young art promoters met to discuss alternative projects and censorship. The presence of an attentive and respectful audience, despite the threats that loomed from the authorities and their intentions … Continue reading “State of SATisfaction / Reinaldo Escobar”

Watertight Compartments / Yoani Sánchez

There are days for separation and others for confluence. Times when it seems that the strategy of confronting us is working, but also minutes in which we manage to leap over the narrow limits within which they want to enclose us. Last night was precisely one of those moments of probing, of identification and exchange. … Continue reading “Watertight Compartments / Yoani Sánchez”

Cuba and its Future: An Incomplete Panel / Regina Coyula

On Saturday I put aside the clutter in my house, which seems endless, so as not to miss the panel “Cuba and its future,” sponsored by the digital space Estado de Sats. The panel was made up of the economist Karina Galvez, Yoani Sanchez as a digital media expert, Wilfredo Vallin as a lawyer, but … Continue reading “Cuba and its Future: An Incomplete Panel / Regina Coyula”

The New Microphones / Yoani Sánchez

For a long time the only way to get one’s hands on that gadget called a microphone was to pass through many ideological filters. Given that same paranoia, to this day few programs on our national channel are broadcast live, so that no one can deliver–to the eyes of the viewers–opinions contrary to the system. … Continue reading “The New Microphones / Yoani Sánchez”

Live Culture at Casa Gaia / Miguel Iturría Savón

There’s a discrepancy between the sign board and program schedule at the Casa Gaia, located in Teniente Rey, between Águila and Cuba Streets in the historic quarter of Havana. That’s where art and thought now come together, but the sign board at the entrance announces the staging of Flechas del Ángel del Olvido (The Angel … Continue reading “Live Culture at Casa Gaia / Miguel Iturría Savón”