A Four by Eleven / Rebeca Monzo

Some months ago, innumerable messages were arriving in my email, and I imagine in yours too, about the mystic cabala of 11-11-11. Finally the day arrived and on my planet, where extraordinary things never happen, and where material deficiencies and repression happen on a daily basis, yesterday, November 11th, in the afternoon hours, a large … Continue reading “A Four by Eleven / Rebeca Monzo”

Another Cuba for Our Man in Havana / Ernesto Morales Licea

After touching up his work in his Italian homeland, our man in Havana landed in Miami. He was preceded by a great omen: censorship. The best antecedent to arouse interest. A filmmaker whose latest work has been rejected by each and every European festival where he tried to show it. He entered it in small … Continue reading “Another Cuba for Our Man in Havana / Ernesto Morales Licea”

Achtung, Baby: A Whisper of Liberty in 360°

I wanted to not write about Bono, but I couldn’t. I wanted, for example, to write about something more global: music, my untameable ally, my refuge during times without peace. And to do so, let’s say, through U2, through the brutal concert U2 gifted me with. But I knew I would betray myself: I don’t … Continue reading “Achtung, Baby: A Whisper of Liberty in 360°”

Meurice, the Friend / Luis Felipe Rojas

Photos by: Luis Felipe Rojas On numerous occasions I have said that this is not a news blog. Here I can only hope to accumulate my travel reports, to make a map (for me) about the days lived, and on many occasions to be in places but not be visible due to my double condition … Continue reading “Meurice, the Friend / Luis Felipe Rojas”

Cuba: Whose Afraid of the Debate? / Iván García

Every day Cuba is more of an island than ever. A sector of the official intelligentsia is engaged in an interesting debate on the future of the country. It’s something that’s needed. I don’t think it’s the shock troops of Cuban Intelligence, as a certain sector within the opposition insultingly suggests. Simply something is moving. … Continue reading “Cuba: Whose Afraid of the Debate? / Iván García”

The Congress of White Guayaberas / Iván García

The first change in the Cuban mandarins at the Communist Party 6th Congress was in the look. If, in the prior congress, in 1997, the hierarchy wore the hot and intimidating olive green uniform, now the fashion of those who led the sessions and debates was the typical guayabera. White, as well. As if to … Continue reading “The Congress of White Guayaberas / Iván García”

Citizen Reasons / Reinaldo Escobar

A television program, in order to be classified as such, needs to be broadcast through a channel and aired on television. For now, we Cuban citizens disconnected from the State institutions lack the necessary resources to produce a program completely within the law. We have to content ourselves recording from an amateur cameraman or two, … Continue reading “Citizen Reasons / Reinaldo Escobar”

Pawns of What Empire? Pieces of What Puzzle? / Ernesto Morales Licea

It is, without a doubt, the news-of-the-day for Cuba. It has been news on the Island and off the Island. The new revelation of the identities of Moises Rodriguez and Carlos Serpa Maceira, two State Security agents whom the Cuban government, until Saturday 26 February, infiltrated into opposition groups, is just another case, another grain … Continue reading “Pawns of What Empire? Pieces of What Puzzle? / Ernesto Morales Licea”

A White Experience / Regina Coyula

On Wednesday the 23rd, as announced on Twitter, I dressed in white, bought some gladioli, and walked around the city. An unforgettable experience. As soon as I left my house, I stopped to greet a clueless friend who didn’t even notice my outfit, but two neighbors on the sidewalk in front did comment. Before I … Continue reading “A White Experience / Regina Coyula”

A Superfluous List / Miriam Celaya

In late November, a kind reader wrote to me suggesting I prepare a list of all dissident groups and political parties on the Island. Since the proposal has appeared publicly in the comments on more than one occasion, I propose –in turn- to answer publicly and take the opportunity to share some impressions, given that … Continue reading “A Superfluous List / Miriam Celaya”