The Citizen, A Debt to Padre Varela / Dimas Castellanos

Under the title, “The place of citizenship, political participation and the Republic in Cuba,” the Padre Felix Varela Cultural Center was the scene, Saturday, July 2, of a lecture by a lawyer and university professor, Julio César Guanche. The institution, belonging to the Archdiocese of Havana, occupies the building which, until last January, was the … Continue reading “The Citizen, A Debt to Padre Varela / Dimas Castellanos”

R&R Cigar / Rebeca Monzo

It was a very fashionable refrain when we were kids. Right now, it again seems to occupy the foreground in the media of our planet: rescue the railroad right of ways, rescue agriculture, rescue the sugar industry, rescue the fishing fleet, rescue urban transport, rescue the dry cleaners, rescue the hair salons, rescue the bovine … Continue reading “R&R Cigar / Rebeca Monzo”

Playing at Capitalism / Rebeca Monzo

The Nuevo Vedado neighborhood is excited. In the blink of an eye, four new restaurants have sprung up, very well put together, and a few cafes, not to mention a number of improvised timbiriches — small kiosks — where their offer various products doubtfully handled. The new paladares, private restaurants with this name — meaning … Continue reading “Playing at Capitalism / Rebeca Monzo”

Cuba Independent and Democratic Party Delivers Constitution Proposal to Cuban Parliament / Ricardo Medina

Click to view slideshow. Katia Sonia Martín Véliz, Eastern Coordinator of the Cuban Independent and Democratic Party, delivered a Constitution Proposal at noon on July 21, to the People’s Power National Assembly in the name of the National Executive Committee of the CID. The proposal of the Constituent Assembly is the fruit of months of … Continue reading “Cuba Independent and Democratic Party Delivers Constitution Proposal to Cuban Parliament / Ricardo Medina”

An Ingenous Question / Fernando Dámaso

Among the authorities and officials serving in the national mass media, the verb “to recover” is the most used in these times of guidelines and updating the economic model. It is practically applied to all areas and activities of the nation, whether of a material or spiritual nature: everything should be “recovered.” First things first: … Continue reading “An Ingenous Question / Fernando Dámaso”

Family Members of Teenager Killed by Ex-Police Official Demand Justice / Laritza Diversent

Raiza Medina claims justice for the death of her son Ángel Izquierdo Medina, a black teenager of 14, who died this last July 15, after having been shot by a retired police official. According to Ismael Suarez Herc, 17, eyewitness of the events and he victim’s cousin, who was climbing a mamoncillo tree when Amado … Continue reading “Family Members of Teenager Killed by Ex-Police Official Demand Justice / Laritza Diversent”

Watching Yesterday’s Event / Regina Coyula

I decided not to write about the celebration of the event for the 26th of July. Last year’s post would be perfect to narrate the essence of what happened yesterday in Ciego de Avila. These celebrations and the supposed competition of the provinces to be the site of them, have been converted into mere formalities. … Continue reading “Watching Yesterday’s Event / Regina Coyula”

Instructions for an Escape / Ernesto Morales Licea

Chapter 3: Dissident Muralist* The procedure was simple. Very simple. You looked for a piece of cardboard and painted it with a phrase against the Government. You hung it around your neck and went out into the street. Like in the reality shows where a naked man comes out into the light of day starkers, … Continue reading “Instructions for an Escape / Ernesto Morales Licea”

Fatigue / Yoani Sánchez

It was very early, the circles under the speaker’s eyes could be seen like two dark wounds, and the sun was not yet too punishing in Maximo Gomez Plaza. On soft seats, a small group witnessed live the 26th of July event in Ciego de Avila province. Meanwhile, the rest of those in the Plaza … Continue reading “Fatigue / Yoani Sánchez”

REV IN PEACE… / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

FOR WHOM THE IBERIA TOLLS…? Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo History repeats itself. Once as comedy and another time as a black hole, abyss of pre-capitalist post-modernity that is inhabited in Cuba. Its name isn’t even known. Barely Adonis, a word that maybe even he ignored in his ancestral echoes of splendid or ruinous marble. His … Continue reading “REV IN PEACE… / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo”

Work Table of Madrid Now…! / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Work Table of Madrid now….!,originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. Saturday July 9th, the second Work Table will be celebrated in Madrid. On the topic The Emerging Civil Society, we will have a participatory debate with Miguel Angel Garcia, president of the ONGD CENINFEC (Center of Information and Documentation of Cuban Studies), which will contribute interesting facts … Continue reading “Work Table of Madrid Now…! / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo”

Where is this Havana Wonder…? / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Where is this Havana Wonder…?, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. POST REVOLUTION MONDAYS asks in what part of our Havana who art in mud we can find, still today, this wonder of an image. Who made it? When? Why? If you answer me in a comment, there’s a prize. I will give you my blog! I … Continue reading “Where is this Havana Wonder…? / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo”

“Heavyweight” Words / Fernando Dámaso

Autocrats throughout history have always liked to use, in trying to express their ideas, big words, lofty, bulky, heavyweight. So common ones have been: irreversible, unchangeable, untouchable, forever, eternal, unshakable, indestructible, solid, impenetrable, unyielding, and so on. They don’t look for them in dictionaries, but they fall like rain, part of their vision of society. … Continue reading ““Heavyweight” Words / Fernando Dámaso”

Testimony: The Failed Attempts to Make Me an Agent – III / Angel Santiesteban

It terrified me to know that I could return to the cells for another sixty days, or maybe more. But it caused me more terror to imagine myself “cooperating” with those I didn’t believe, with those who I considered were abusing my country, to know myself complicit disgusts me. I also knew that to be … Continue reading “Testimony: The Failed Attempts to Make Me an Agent – III / Angel Santiesteban”

Years with a “Tagline” / Fernando Dámaso

The French Revolution, among its many changes, tried renaming the months and, during its short existence, appeared Rainy, Floral, Windy, Thermidor etc. Luckily for the French, after a whirlwind of severed heads came the calm, and months returned to their traditional names. The Cuban Revolution could not be left behind and although it didn’t dare … Continue reading “Years with a “Tagline” / Fernando Dámaso”