Up To 12 Hours to Attend Medical Emergencies / Lilianne Ruiz

   HAVANA, Cuba, July 2013, www.cubanet.org.- When a Cuban family is afflicted by disease there are many who depend on the favor of some neighbor with a car to take them to the hospital. Moreover, the paramedics and nurses of the Comprehensive Emergency Medical System (SIUM) depend on the “thanks” for their patients to “resolve” a chance … Continue reading “Up To 12 Hours to Attend Medical Emergencies / Lilianne Ruiz”

Apprehension of the Press / Regina Coyula

As a young girl, I wanted to study journalism, entirely for the romantic idea to follow in the tracks of my grandfather, a decent Cuban who from the jungle in The Free Cuban and then from The World and Bohemia made me feel proud of my name. A proud lady with the last name of Nuiry, … Continue reading “Apprehension of the Press / Regina Coyula”

Declaration of Saratoga / Jorge Luis Garcia – Antunez

People of Cuba, people from Camaguey, and all compatriots: We are a group of peaceful human rights activists and pro-democracy opponents who today have met in the already emblematic Saratoga neighborhood in the city of Camaguey, where after fruitful exchange and work meeting, we are launching to the world this historic declaration in which we … Continue reading “Declaration of Saratoga / Jorge Luis Garcia – Antunez”

Rosa Maria Paya: Summary of Press Coverage of Her Travels

The following materials include both Spanish and English language sources. TAMBIEN  EN” BOLETINES PERIODICOS DEL MCL” http://www.oswaldopaya.org/es/boletines-de-noticias/ April 4, 2013 New York Times: Inquiry Is Sought Into Death of Castro Critic http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/05/world/americas/inquiry-is-sought-into-death-of-oswaldo-paya-cuban-dissident.html?_r=0 April 7, 2013 The Wall Street Journal: http://on.wsj.com/14PUUua

Acapulco, somewhere / Regina Coyula

Last night I went to see Esther en alguna parte (Esther somewhere), Chijona Gerardo’s new film with a script based on a play of the same title by Lichi Diego I have not read. At the risk of screwing up, I imagine a Borges aura around the Lichi’s story, but the movie, with a splendid … Continue reading “Acapulco, somewhere / Regina Coyula”

Of Passports, Emigration, Permits and Chimeras / Roberto Madrigal

This week the first Cubans who applied when the Cuban government’s “new migratory policy” went into effect should be getting their passports. We will begin to understand the true possibilities on learning which passports are issued and which denied. And we will see the new selection criteria. Although one step has been eliminated, the “white … Continue reading “Of Passports, Emigration, Permits and Chimeras / Roberto Madrigal”

Video of Raul Castro saying “There are no drugs in Cuba”

This video links to this post, and is posted here to provide the video with an English transcript. Transcript in English We can also combine efforts against drug addiction, as proposed in the last two days of this meeting, and illicit drug trafficking. It was stated here yesterday that there are drugs in every countries … Continue reading “Video of Raul Castro saying “There are no drugs in Cuba””

Glosses / Regina Coyula

Since I was in the hospital waiting for my mother to undergo a small surgery (as you see, I keep going with hospitals), I had time to read the entire Granma newspaper from Friday, the thickest of the week with its 16 pages. Page 1 The person in charge of a business is the director. … Continue reading “Glosses / Regina Coyula”

Desperately Seeking Camila / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

This was the visit of the Chilean communist student leader Camila Vallejo to the Island at the beginning of April. She is “the world’s most glamorous revolutionary,” according to the New York Times. Despite her power as a leader of the masses and a person who to opposes the establishment in Chile, Vallejo was a … Continue reading “Desperately Seeking Camila / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo”

The Winners’ Trophy / Ernesto Morales Licea

She said it with a tone somewhere between surprise and disappointment: “They don’t give a damn, Ernesto. How mistaken we exiles are.” And I nodded because I knew too well what she was talking about. For her, a woman from Santiago who hadn’t stepped foot on her native land since 1999, living in Miami and … Continue reading “The Winners’ Trophy / Ernesto Morales Licea”

A Four by Eleven / Rebeca Monzo

Some months ago, innumerable messages were arriving in my email, and I imagine in yours too, about the mystic cabala of 11-11-11. Finally the day arrived and on my planet, where extraordinary things never happen, and where material deficiencies and repression happen on a daily basis, yesterday, November 11th, in the afternoon hours, a large … Continue reading “A Four by Eleven / Rebeca Monzo”

Another Cuba for Our Man in Havana / Ernesto Morales Licea

After touching up his work in his Italian homeland, our man in Havana landed in Miami. He was preceded by a great omen: censorship. The best antecedent to arouse interest. A filmmaker whose latest work has been rejected by each and every European festival where he tried to show it. He entered it in small … Continue reading “Another Cuba for Our Man in Havana / Ernesto Morales Licea”

Achtung, Baby: A Whisper of Liberty in 360°

I wanted to not write about Bono, but I couldn’t. I wanted, for example, to write about something more global: music, my untameable ally, my refuge during times without peace. And to do so, let’s say, through U2, through the brutal concert U2 gifted me with. But I knew I would betray myself: I don’t … Continue reading “Achtung, Baby: A Whisper of Liberty in 360°”

Meurice, the Friend / Luis Felipe Rojas

Photos by: Luis Felipe Rojas On numerous occasions I have said that this is not a news blog. Here I can only hope to accumulate my travel reports, to make a map (for me) about the days lived, and on many occasions to be in places but not be visible due to my double condition … Continue reading “Meurice, the Friend / Luis Felipe Rojas”