My Comments in La Joven Cuba / Regina Coyula

Recently visiting a blog that is administered from the University of Matanzas, I was interested in the experience because although we view reality from different angles, with respectful language and arguments, we could build much needed space for debate, that debate much-needed in Cuban society. As my readers know, I almost always write short and light pieces, but the boys of Matanzas make me change my tone at times, and extend myself a little more, so I thought I would begin to put these interventions here. Someone asked me why I would advertise a blog that would not do the same for me. Good point, I said, but the difference is very important to me, I can talk about them without having to undertake any consultation. These comments appear under the name LML (La Mala Letra) in LJC (Young Cuba).

To Roberto Peralo and other forum members:

I read with close attention the post “Freedom of the Press: A Utopia,” and although I’m coming to this late, there are some things I would like to say. I conceive of Freedom of the Press as Freedom of the Reader to choose how and with what to report, understanding that the press media will always reflect the views of position of its owner or author. As Cubans we do not have these options.

The article is long and confuses Freedom of the Press with the intent to undermine order within the country with the help of a foreign government. I wonder if Peralo sincerely believes that the Ladies in White march for money from the Empire, if he has a figure that covers the scorn to which these women have been subjected. I would also like to know if he is one of those who affirms that in order to be a critic of the government one must be paid and have no ethics.

I have come to this forum knowing that we do not think alike but, sharing a common concern, we cannot try to convince each other without establishing spaces for understanding, which now are virtual, but which should become spaces in real life. I would like to think that his opinion about Cuban media is as sharp as that which he lays out in the article about foreign media. The evils of the world should not serve as a consolation to us, because we will always find someone worse.

March 19 2011