First Anniversary / Rebeca Monzo

Patchwork, by Rebeca

It’s been just over a year since, visiting the home of our friend the poet, his wife told me about some Yoani and an Academy for bloggers she was wanting to open. At that time, it seemed to me my friend was speaking Chinese.

I’d heard something about Yoani. From time to time she was on the news on the shortwave. I never imagined I’d meet her, much less have the privilege of being accepted as a student. But, days later, I joined an enthusiastic group that made me feel young again.

My first post, Wil wild Centro Habana, came out on the blog Bad Handwriting, thanks to the generosity of its owner. I didn’t have my own until early January of last year, when I appeared for the first time on the home page of Cuban Voices. I can assure you it moved me very much.

When I launched my second piece, El valle de los caídos, on my own blog, I never imagined the year to come and how much satisfaction it would give me. I won’t deny that at first I had to overcome a lot of fear, but it was worth the payback.

To Yoani, Reinaldo, Miriam, Claudia and Dr. Vallín, who taught us such excellent classes and workshops, to all who supported us, and to you my readers, I offer my most sincere thanks for helping me to arrive at my first anniversary in the alternative blogosphere of my beloved planet.

January 5 2011