Cuban Babalawos Predict ‘Firm and Safe Health’ for 2021

Ceremonies previous to the 2021 Letter of the Year (Facebook/Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 1 January 2021 — The Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba published the 2021 Letter of the Year this Friday, a series of recommendations and predictions developed in one of the most anticipated ceremonies for the believers of that religion. The text also offers some advice to face the next stage.

The Letter was published on the Association’s Facebook profile and announces that the ruling orisha is Olokun, one of the most respected and mysterious deities of the Yoruba pantheon. He is accompanied by Oshún, queen of love and fertility, who in Cuba is syncretized with the patron saint of the island, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

The main prophecy for 2021 is “firm and safe health on earth that Orula will provide” and the flag is blue with yellow edging, an omen that contrasts with the ills of the coronavirus throughout the past year. As for the signs, the ruling oddun is Ika fun and the witnesses are Odi leke and Irete ogbe.

Among the predictions are that the year will be marked by social events such as the increase in contempt for authority in a general sense, failure to meet and breaches of agreements, and increases in natural disasters that leave losses both material and in human lives.

In addition, the priests warn that in 2021 the flow of migrants from Cuba will increase, with the loss of human lives as a result of illegal emigration; territorial, legal and sexual violations; political, social and religious tensions that can lead to conflict; and there may even be an increase in maternal and child mortality due to bad practices.

They also mention increases in the ingestion of alcoholic beverages, the rates of scams, robberies and assaults, false consecrations and religious profanations, moral deformation, criminal acts and the adulteration of food and beverages that generate food poisoning.

The Letter of the Year recommends that world society analyze “the high level of corruption that exists in all spheres” and asks families to educate their children on the basis of respect and love for work.

The Cuban babalawos recommend “maintaining the hygienic sanitary measures established” for the coronavirus, comply with and respect the laws of each country to avoid legal problems, combat promiscuity at home, periodic health checks, increase personal hygiene and washing of hands, and respect within marriage to avoid breakups.

They also ask people to analyze the consequences of favors and commitments, increase family economic planning to avoid loss of money and debt, and avoid narcissism in a general sense.


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