Critical Observatory Forced by State Security to Quickly End its Activity in Karl Mark Park / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

Critical Observatory put out a call for a gathering inKarl Mark Park on 12 May 2012 at 2 p.m. Its objective was to show solidarity with the movement of the outraged (May 15th movement), and Cuban State Security deployed in the area around Carlos II and Belascoain Streets.

Taken prisoner were Eugenio Leal and Miriam Celaya, “They put me in a car and put me out on 42nd Street in Playa,” said Celaya by phone. She lives a block from the park.

The zone was full of cops from the PNR (National Revolutionary Police) and the political police (State Security) were there dressed in plain clothes, sitting in the park and at the corners, giving information about what had just happened in the activity in the park.

Regina Coyula went by the place, but at 20 minutes after 2:00 there was already no one there. According to another source, the group arrived, had a small and quick ceremony that lasted one minute, and left. State Security didn’t give them time to fill the area, for fear of some demand on the part of those present.

An hour after the activity, the political police and the PNR were still in the area, showing signs of exhaustion, all sweaty and very annoyed.

May 14 2012