Communication About the Whereabouts of Angel Santiesteban

After several days of uncertainty, we finally know the whereabouts of Angel Santiesteban Prats. They have him confined in a very small military installation that has no name, situated in the Lawton neighborhood, 10 de Octubre municipality, in Havana.

While his “whereabouts” are now known, this in no way changes his situation of being “kidnapped” because they have isolated him and are holding him incommunicado, without the right to phone calls or monthly visits, as reported unofficially by an official from Prison 1580 when he confirmed to his family that Angel had been moved from the that penal center.

The fact that he is in a military facility under such inhumane conditions once again confirms the violations committed by the authorities of the Ministry of Interior against the civil rights of Angel, who is not only serving an unjust prison for crimes he did not commit (crimes never proved and that never could be proved). Confining him in a military facility, in addition to showing that Cuba is now a military regime, violates civil law.

Once again, and until Angel is released and cleared of all the charges they invented, only to silence a voice you find uncomfortable, we remind Raul Castro Ruz that he is directly and totally responsible for the physical and moral integrity of this renowned writer, whose status remains at the center of attention of many people and institutions in the civilized world.

The Editor

8 August 2013