Changes Are Inevitable / Fernando Damaso #Cuba

clip_image0028Very few doubt that changes are happening in Cuba, although they are epidermal and too slow. Also, very few doubt they should deeper, more comprehensive and faster. The “model” implemented beginning in 1959 has proved its failure: instead of resolving the problems it proposed to solve, it has worsened them, as well as created new ones. To cling to it, update it, tweak it, “decorate” it, and even disguise it, to present it as the only valid way out from the national crisis, only fools some: those who want to be fooled.

Most citizens, tired of broken promises and empty slogans, demand action. It’s true that many, still timid, do so in the solitude of their homes and among family and friends, without going any further.

Others, the minority, dare to raise their concerns publicly, to exercise their right to speak out and be part of national life. Although they are few, nothing takes away from the fact that sooner or later they may be many.

In any event, the changes have come, economic as well as political and social. No one can avoid them. So, these can occur peacefully, as a natural process of development, or violently, breaking barriers. Only cavemen prefer the latter. Most Cubans prefer the former. In any confrontation from positions of strength, it will always be our Nation that loses, our Nation that has already lost too much. Accumulating misfortunes and sufferings is not smart.

Sanity, tolerance and accountability must prevail among parties in conflict: some, accepting their mistakes, and applying the economic, political and social measures, to facilitate, deepen and accelerate change, others working for their implementation. Cuba belongs to everyone, and we will all help to save her, or she will sink with everyone on board. The year 2013, full of uncertainty, could be a good time to start to do so.

25 January 2013