Defending Freedom is Not a Profession / Lia Villares

Lia Villares, 5 February 2018 — The low blow of a sudden search of a dissident’s home, orchestrated by members of Cuba’s counterintelligence “with the objective of seizing objects of illicit origin” and using this to accuse us, to charge us with a common crime (“illicit economic activity”), even if only for political motives, is … Continue reading “Defending Freedom is Not a Profession / Lia Villares”

Imagine Your Worst Nightmare / Lia Villares

Diario de Cuba, Lia Villares, Havana, 6 February 2018 — Imagine your worst nightmare. Imagine that it materializes in real time, what you have intuited so many times, but it is no longer a lucid dream, now it is pure and harsh reality. Cold and concrete. The most despicable being, the one you have dedicated yourself … Continue reading “Imagine Your Worst Nightmare / Lia Villares”

Cuban Regime Frees Activist Lia Villares

Diario de Cuba, Havana, 23 December 2017 — Activist  Lia Villares was released this Friday morning after being detained since Wednesday, activist Rosa María Payá Acevedo said in her Twitter account. Villares, in addition, was fined 500 pesos by the authorities, according to Martí Noticias. During the arrest, “her interrogators told her that she had committed crimes, and in order … Continue reading “Cuban Regime Frees Activist Lia Villares”

Police Arrest Actress Iris Ruiz and Blogger Lia Villares in Havana

14ymedio, Havana, 20 December 2017 — Actress Iris Ruiz and blogger Lia Villares were arrested Wednesday around five in the afternoon at the independent gallery El Círculo. The arrest of both occurred during a police operation to prevent a performance scheduled as a part of the Endless Poetry Festival. A presentation of the monologue Psychosis was planned, … Continue reading “Police Arrest Actress Iris Ruiz and Blogger Lia Villares in Havana”

Lia Villares Finally Makes it to the United States

14ymedio, Havana, 3 May 2017 – The independent activist Lia Villares finally traveled to the United States on Wednesday, as confirmed to 14ymedio by the dissident musician Gorki Aguila. On Tuesday, Villares was not able to board her flight to the US, after being detained by the police on her way to the airport. The activist … Continue reading “Lia Villares Finally Makes it to the United States”

Police Block Activist Lia Villares From Traveling to the United States / Cubanet

Cubanet, 2 May 2017 — Independent activist Lía Villares missed a flight that would have taken her to the New Orleans Jazz Festival after being “abducted” by police on Monday morning. Speaking to CubaNet, Villares describes that two patrol cars under the command of State Security Agent “Jordan” were waiting for her near her home … Continue reading “Police Block Activist Lia Villares From Traveling to the United States / Cubanet”

CubaRaw2013 – The Project / Lia Villares, Silvia Corbelle, Claudio Fuentes, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

CUBARAW: A Photography Project for the Support and Dissemination of Alternative Cultural Activities in Today’s Cuba Created by Claudio Fuentes Madan and Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in 2009, now continued by Claudio, Silvia Corbelle and Lia Villares, 2013. The alternative photographic agency CUBARAW is an attempt to launch a database of images (as well as … Continue reading “CubaRaw2013 – The Project / Lia Villares, Silvia Corbelle, Claudio Fuentes, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo”

#FreeGorki – The Gorki Aguila Case / Lia Villares

The trial schedules for this Tuesday against Gorki Águila, leader of the punk rock band Porno para Ricardo, was postponed because of the health problems of his defense attorney, according to the musician himself on his Facebook page. Gorki spoke about the background of his case with Diario de Cuba.  Gorki, what are they accusing … Continue reading “#FreeGorki – The Gorki Aguila Case / Lia Villares”

Update on Angel Santiesteban / Lia Villares

For his friends, colleagues, and all who are interested in continuing, in some way, to help: Right now Angel Santiesteban is better [after having been admitted to the hospital for dengue fever], and is no longer in the hospital. They took him back to the military facility, where is he very weak from the time … Continue reading “Update on Angel Santiesteban / Lia Villares”

Dis Tortue, Dors-Tu Nue? / Lia Villares

Fog in the mornings, hunger for clarity, coffee and bread with sour plum jam. Numbness of soul in placid neighborhoods. Lives ticking on as if. Adrienne Rich B gets up and goes to the shower. Doesn’t close doors or draw curtains. The water runs vaporously, terrifyingly. Bends to open the blinds, the gown open. —Dis-moi, … Continue reading “Dis Tortue, Dors-Tu Nue? / Lia Villares”